Building Farms

We’ve built 13 farms and want to build more.

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Free Fall Workshop Schedule

Ages 8-88 have attended our free workshops and learned how to grow oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms. No previous experience is necessary. Learn how you can grow too!

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Working Together

We strive to build unity by working together. Helping whoever and however we can, regardless of compensation, we’ve been able to help much more.

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Our Mission

Group Growing is a grassroots movement creating self-sustaining mushroom production to benefit communities. We believe mushrooms can complete the nutritional profile alongside vegetable farms and/or community gardens. We seek to divert waste streams into our processes as oyster mushrooms will eat virtually any ligno-cellulosic material (Straw, wood, cardboard, used coffee grounds, clothes, husks, used brewers grains, leaves etc…). The end results are healthy, protein rich mushrooms and amazing soil amendments that helps increase moisture retention; assisting any farm against drought. We are also using spent substrates as bio-remediation buffers. Help us start providing mushrooms for free, especially to those who could benefit most from medicinal mushrooms.



Help us Help Others

You can help us in many ways. we each have unique abilities and access to specific resources. There’s plenty of ways to help. Email

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